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Court Jester and Death (Dark) Jester

Jester Wars.
After a Tavern Fight to see who wins to become the Jester, or a newcomer gets to pay the Jester(s), there are Court Jester and Dark Jester.
1. Court Jester: He will command his troops to do silly things while fighting: Dancing, Spinning Around, Acting Like a Monkey, Hopping on One Foot, Etc. It's all up to the imagination.
  a. He can also heal. Perhaps only the limbs, but could also revive in a variation of the game.
  b. He may or may Not revive those who have been a zombie and killed afterwards (variations)
2. Dark (Death) Jester: He will command his troops to do bizzare, macabre, but also silly things while fighting. Snarling, Wicked Laughter, acting like Banshees, berserk, act like a snake (slither on the ground), etc. Can also be silly and have everyone dance, hop on one foot, etc.
  a. He is a necromancer. Those he touches become a Zombie, either his own men or as well as the other Jesters. Variations of this also includes/excludes sides or whatever.
3.Troops need to protect their Jester and Roleplay the commands. Those who can't hear just follow what others are doing.


At a randomly chosen battle, perhaps by the roll of the die, the rules for the battle are the same as follows, with the exception that Death is introduced into the game. There are variations:
1. Death Visible: You can see Death, and it will chase anyone around, any side in a game, and attack with Scythe. You cannot kill death. Avoid death while trying to complete the game.
2. Death Invisible. You cannot see Death. It will not chase anyone around, but it will every minute, select one person to kill at random. It is unavoidable.
3. Death kills only those who (many secretly chosen possiblities:) Wielding a certain weapon or using a shield in the round of the game. Or only kills backstabbers. Or only kills those not wearing Melee Garb or isn't roleplaying or roleplaying well.
4. A variation of the game is that you can kill death but he has 50-100 wounds.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


After the Tavern Fight, the Graf comes in and demands everyone's attention: A Shape-shifter has entered the town/city, and is a monster of evil, eating humans.

Before the adventuring parties go out their separate ways to seach for the shape-shifter, it is actually among one of them. Colored chips shall be drawn secretly to see who is the shape-shifter. The shape-shifter will see what color chip he or she has, and not tell anyone whatsoever and keep it a secret. Thereafter the adventuring parties embark on the battlefield to look for the shape-shifter, and at the shape-shifter's discretion, it changes shape by howling-
1. These rules can vary- The Shapeshifter has 5-10 Armour all over, and may even have a magical weapon.. or a Claw of Poison or Not. Those hit by (a poison claw will die in a mutually agreed upon time)
2. This game is pretty simple, but is hard. The Shapeshifter should use surprise. Even worse, the Shapeshifter, if not a Posionous, Venomous Monster, it could be a Vampire with the ability to shapeshift into bat, werewolf, another human.. which means he can use Necromancy on the Adventuring Party he or she just destroyed to kill the other parties.. there are other monsters and many variations of this game.

Tavern Fight

More than occassionally do the adventurers have bar fight in the tavern, normally over a wench, or a dispute over a game of bones, cards, etc. Sometimes a rich Merchant may offer a quest, in which many adventuring parties fight over the right to work for the merchant.

So well anyway, I have a couple of Foam Bottles. 7 right now while writing this. If you want to add more and make some that is fine.
Rules of Tavern War:
1. You are in a Tavern with other citizens and adventurers like yourself. It is unlikely there are any enemies unless they are in disguise or are in the theives guild or are cultists. Unlikely do zombies or monsters enter the tavern for a drink unless there is a raid on the town. Which happens, too.
 The point is---- You aren't fighting with Weapons because you are fighting citizens. So the soft foam bottles are used.
  a. If there are more people than the Foam Bottles provided, a dagger can be used as a substitute but is treated as a Bottle, not a dagger.
 b. Foam Bottles and other Tavern Props are different than Melee Weapons. They are less than 1 point wound strength and do even less than a Quarter of 1 point of damage.
2. The Damage are as follows:
   a. Bottles induce 4 times on the limb to render it useless but not cut off..
   b. Bottles hit 4 times on the body equals a KO.
 1. If Adventurer chooses to use a real Melee weapon (not to be confused with dagger substitute) and chooses to kill, then the adventurer is in trouble with the law and will have to face soldiers as well as the rest of the tavern uses weapons on the assaulter in defense
Purpose: Purpose of this- last remaing or certain number of remaining survivors not KO'd are chosen to play the "Good Guys" in a scenario or have favors in a scenario in contrast to the losing party.
Roleplay: Fight Drunk. Good Roleplay means acting drunk and having fun with it.

Dragon Rules Scenario

This is the Claw Mace side of the weapon. This Claw Mace signifies The Swoop (Ground) Mode.

The Weapon in it's entirety.

This is the Flame end of the weapon. This Flame signifies the Flight (sky) Mode of the Game.

For Dragon rules
The Dragon is a person who wears wings, mask/helm, rainment signfying itself as a dragon. The weapon, will show you when the Dragon is in the Sky (Flight Mode) or near/on the ground (Swoop Mode). In the Illustration provided you see the Dragon's Weapon. One end has a Dragon Claw and the other end has a Fireball Mace.
1. Flight Mode.
The Dragon is holding the weapon, the Fireball Mace is up, towards everyone and the Dragon is attacking everyone with the Fireball Mace.
  1a. You cannot strike the Dragon during Flight Mode with any weapon. The Dragon is in the sky and is too far, but however, the Dragon can breath flames on you. So run away, if a Dragon hits any limb, weapon, or shield, you are "On Fire" and must roll on the ground for 10-20 seconds. Wounds are sustained. A flame struck to the body is death.
  1b. Flight Mode is longer than Swoop mode. Use this time and strategy to get away from the Dragon and time it right so when the Dragon enters Swoop mode, you can hit it.
   1c. Ballistic Weapons may hurt the dragon. Only on the belly, the sensitive spot, can magical arrows can give it 1 wound. It will Not kill the dragon however, unless you get it 10-30 times in that area. Spells may work. Varations of this game has ballistics/magic.
2. Swoop Mode. This mode is shorter than Flight Mode. The Dragon is holding the weapon, the Dragon Claw is up, towards everyone and the Dragon is attacking everyone with the Dragon Claw.
  2a. You can block the Dragon claw with Shields. Varation of this is that the Claw may break weapons or Not.
  2b. The Dragon's back, limbs are strong and has scales and has 20-50 hits. Only the body has 10-30 hits. Ballistics only work on the body.
  2c. RUN! The minute you are attacking the dragon in Swoop Mode and you see it change the weapon from Dragon Claw to Fireball Mace, RUN! Swoop Mode durations are short.
3. The Timing of Swoop Mode: An Example:
Dragon has 10 Hits in the Body. The Scales are 20.
As the Dragon's Body Hit's go, the Swoop time is longer. For example, a 10 Hit Dragon's Swoop mode is a paltry 10 seconds. At 9 hit's it's at 11 seconds.
   Swoop Mode Chart in Relation to Dragon's Body Hits:
Dragon's hits    (body)                                     Swoop Time       
10                                                                       10 seconds
9                                                                         11
8                                                                         12
7                                                                         13
6                                                                         14
5                                                                         15
4                                                                         20
3                                                                         22
2                                                                         24
1                                                                         26
It looks complicated but it makes sense as the dragon is weakened it stays on the ground longer during Swoop Mode. Varations of this includes also Flight Times are also shorter as the Body Hits decrease but Flight Mode is in relations to Dragon's discretion, also.
Flight Mode in Relation to Dragon's Body Hits Chart:
Dragon's Body Hits                                                          Flight Duration
First 5 htis:                                                                       30 Seconds or Longer. Can be many minutes.
remainging 3 hits:                                                              no longer than 30 seconds
the hit next to last:                                                             no longer than 20 seconds
the last hit:                                                                        no longer than 10 second
Flight Mode and Swoop Mode is just an APPROXIMATE Chart and is not Exact. It is just a "General Rule of Thumb" and the Dragon will try to act like this, but to be so approximate is too robotic- the Dragon will flunctuate a bit from this chart for more realism- Dragons are really strong- Expect the first flights during the first 5 hits to be long and scary.
 -Ballistics: Only the body during flight and swoop mode. Magical only, perhaps. Spells can work too, especially. Dragons are magical creatures and generally are only affected by magical weapons.
-Magical Weapons:  can penetrate the Scales better. For example, a Dragon with 30-50 Hit scale can be halved when hit with a Magical Weapon, giving the magical weapon a 2 W power.

Monday, March 21, 2011


see rules explained by Warhammer

Fire and Ice Magical Weapons war

  The Magical Ice and Fire Hammers you see here in these photos! Nice aren't they, eh?

There are two opposing teams:
1.One has a Leader with an Flaming Fire Weapon. The other has an Ice Weapon.
2. If the Fire Weapon hits any limb, weapon, or shield, you are On Fire. This means you must get down on the ground and roll for 10, 15, 20 seconds or as determined by mutal agreement.
   2a. You have to count out loud and scream the last number.
   2b. Roleplay it! Scream in pain, "IM ON FIRE, ARRG"
   2c. You can't attack others while in intense pain buring on fire.
   2d. When you rolling on the ground is finished, you have put the fire out.
3. if an Ice Weapon hits any  limb, weapon, or shield, you are FROZEN. This means you must stand still for 10, 15, 20 seconds or the number determined by mutal agreement.
   3a. The last 5 seconds you shake your body as if being free from ice, a little by little.
   3b. Roleplay this- you are frozen, you cannot move, or attack or speak.
4. A Fire Weapon wielder can Heal those who are Frozen and they can come back to battle, Additionally, any limb wounds are healed.
5. An Ice Weapon weilder can Heal those who are on Fire and they can come back to battle, addiontally, any limb wounds are healed.
6. Sorry, but if you are struck in the body  you are dead just like in any other Melee game. However there are variations to this game which can exclude this rule, perhaps.
7. Only those with a magical weapon can kill those who have one. The Ice weapon weilder ONLY kill the Fire weapon weilder, and Vice Versa. You could have a showdown between two of them to see who wins.. ( a varation is to exclude this rule of magic weapon kill only)


We've had so far now of the day of 21st in the year of our Lord of March we've had two weekends of Wraith Wars. Pretty fun.

The Wraiths Consists of One Purple Wraith and Several Red Wraiths.
The rules of the game are as follows:
1. The Purple Wraith is UNKILLABLE with normal Melee weapons.
1a. The Purple Wraith can kill you anytime if he strikes your body with his weapon.
1b. The Purple Wraith can only be killed if: You kill a Red Wraith and get a D6 Lawn Dice from the Red Wraith. Pick out a number from 1-6 and show the number with your fingers. If you roll the number correctly, you are Dead.
2. Red Wraiths come back alive after a person dies from a wrong dice roll with an Purple Wraith Encounter.
HARD: No Healer.
MODERATE: Healer only heals once
EASY: Healer heals unlimited times until killed.
3. Purple Wraith will be pretty much loitering around the battlefield and will kill anyone who comes near it.
3a. After one Red Wraith dies, it will start to seek and kill the adventurers.
3b. After two Red Wraiths has died, it will go on a berserk.
3c. It attitude calms when a Red Wraith is revived. It moods shifts based on the presence of Wraiths.
4. Stay Alive as much as you can and run from the Purple Wraith.
5. When someone has the dice, that person is in a special Dice Encounter with the Purple Wraith. No one else can interrupt. However, it is to the adventurer's advantage to run during this time away from the Purple Wraith. (NOTE: everyone has been standing still during the dice roll. Perhaps the game can move on where the Red Wraiths stand still, and the adventurers can run away, comments anyone?)