Thursday, March 31, 2011


At a randomly chosen battle, perhaps by the roll of the die, the rules for the battle are the same as follows, with the exception that Death is introduced into the game. There are variations:
1. Death Visible: You can see Death, and it will chase anyone around, any side in a game, and attack with Scythe. You cannot kill death. Avoid death while trying to complete the game.
2. Death Invisible. You cannot see Death. It will not chase anyone around, but it will every minute, select one person to kill at random. It is unavoidable.
3. Death kills only those who (many secretly chosen possiblities:) Wielding a certain weapon or using a shield in the round of the game. Or only kills backstabbers. Or only kills those not wearing Melee Garb or isn't roleplaying or roleplaying well.
4. A variation of the game is that you can kill death but he has 50-100 wounds.

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