Tuesday, March 22, 2011


After the Tavern Fight, the Graf comes in and demands everyone's attention: A Shape-shifter has entered the town/city, and is a monster of evil, eating humans.

Before the adventuring parties go out their separate ways to seach for the shape-shifter, it is actually among one of them. Colored chips shall be drawn secretly to see who is the shape-shifter. The shape-shifter will see what color chip he or she has, and not tell anyone whatsoever and keep it a secret. Thereafter the adventuring parties embark on the battlefield to look for the shape-shifter, and at the shape-shifter's discretion, it changes shape by howling-
1. These rules can vary- The Shapeshifter has 5-10 Armour all over, and may even have a magical weapon.. or a Claw of Poison or Not. Those hit by (a poison claw will die in a mutually agreed upon time)
2. This game is pretty simple, but is hard. The Shapeshifter should use surprise. Even worse, the Shapeshifter, if not a Posionous, Venomous Monster, it could be a Vampire with the ability to shapeshift into bat, werewolf, another human.. which means he can use Necromancy on the Adventuring Party he or she just destroyed to kill the other parties.. there are other monsters and many variations of this game.

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