Monday, February 25, 2013


We're living in the Anime Con boom, and I was thinking we could really boost Melee attendance by hosting a MeleeCon.
We could find a park building, where we could camp in the park, and use the park building as well as big tents/park shelters to host many things a MeleeCon would have:
Panels, viewing rooms, gaming rooms, etc.
Panels: For example, a Melee Panel would have:
"How to craft weapons"
"How to make leather armour"
"How to make metal armour, chainmail, brigandine, etc"
"LARPS, SCA, Anachronism, etc panel discussions"
"Medieval history, battles, etc"
"Medieval combat"
"Martial arts"
"Magic, Sorcery"
"Viking Rune Lore"
Etc Etc Etc
These Panels can show us proper techniques in fighting, jousting, marital arts, medieval combat, medieval lore, etc.
etc. In our large commnity of Melee, some of us can do a panel for an hour or so, and show video clips and pictures and related material to the panel discussion on a video projection, and thus, several panel rooms are open all day in the park building or a park shelter on a schedule basis.
Viewing Rooms:
Viewing rooms exhibit movies and anime related to Melee, and are video projected on a screen, in a Park room or a park shelter.
"Fantasy anime viewing room"
example: Berserk, Guin Saga, The Sacred Blacksmith, Claymore, Slayers Excellent, Dragon Half, Familiar of Zero, RG Veda, Labyrinth of Flames, Heroic Legend of Arslan, Dungeon and Dragons cartoons, Legend of Crystania, Record of Lodoss War, Spice and Wolf, Sword Art Online, etc.
Fantasy Movies: Dungeonmaster, Conan, Jabberwocky, Hawk the Slayer, Dragonslayer, Heavy Metal, The Beastmaster, The Sword and the Sorcerer, Krull, Thor the Conqueror, Sheena, Hundra, Barbarian Queen, LadyHawke, Army of Darkness, The Seventh Seal, etc.
Please do suggest some fantasy/medieval movies/anime, etc. The more rarer, obscure, high brow, quality, diverse, foreign, the better. We want to show stuff that no one has normally seen, as well as classics. All day and nite.
Gaming Rooms: RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons, Warhammer RPG, Warhammer 40K, Warhammer Fantasy Battle, tons of diverse RPG's, etc. Gamings can go all day and nite
A good example of a Guest, would be perhaps, a writer from classic Warhammer games like Tim Eccels, or perhaps the founder of Drachenfest, perhaps a Joust champion, etc.
Concerts and Dances:
a diverse range of music, related and somewhat fits in the scene, medieval music, viking metal bands, industrial, a masquerade ball, a viking rave, etc.
Medieval Games
Frog Eating Contest (medieval village game- perhaps we can substitute Jelly Frogs for real ones)
We could team up with a Medieval Faire, and add Melee, other LARPS, Dragonhir, SCA to it, for a wide variety of experience, battles, games, and more attendance, as well as getting a diverse variety of panels and guest speakers and instructionals, games, etc.
Dealers Room
you guessed it- Dealers sell all kinds of goodies: Weapons, Armour, Chainmail, leather, garb, gear, accessories, magic potions, etc.
MeleeCon can run over a whole weekend, thus three days of Battles on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, with the festitivities at night and gaming after hours!