Thursday, March 31, 2011

Court Jester and Death (Dark) Jester

Jester Wars.
After a Tavern Fight to see who wins to become the Jester, or a newcomer gets to pay the Jester(s), there are Court Jester and Dark Jester.
1. Court Jester: He will command his troops to do silly things while fighting: Dancing, Spinning Around, Acting Like a Monkey, Hopping on One Foot, Etc. It's all up to the imagination.
  a. He can also heal. Perhaps only the limbs, but could also revive in a variation of the game.
  b. He may or may Not revive those who have been a zombie and killed afterwards (variations)
2. Dark (Death) Jester: He will command his troops to do bizzare, macabre, but also silly things while fighting. Snarling, Wicked Laughter, acting like Banshees, berserk, act like a snake (slither on the ground), etc. Can also be silly and have everyone dance, hop on one foot, etc.
  a. He is a necromancer. Those he touches become a Zombie, either his own men or as well as the other Jesters. Variations of this also includes/excludes sides or whatever.
3.Troops need to protect their Jester and Roleplay the commands. Those who can't hear just follow what others are doing.

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