Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dragon Rules Scenario

This is the Claw Mace side of the weapon. This Claw Mace signifies The Swoop (Ground) Mode.

The Weapon in it's entirety.

This is the Flame end of the weapon. This Flame signifies the Flight (sky) Mode of the Game.

For Dragon rules
The Dragon is a person who wears wings, mask/helm, rainment signfying itself as a dragon. The weapon, will show you when the Dragon is in the Sky (Flight Mode) or near/on the ground (Swoop Mode). In the Illustration provided you see the Dragon's Weapon. One end has a Dragon Claw and the other end has a Fireball Mace.
1. Flight Mode.
The Dragon is holding the weapon, the Fireball Mace is up, towards everyone and the Dragon is attacking everyone with the Fireball Mace.
  1a. You cannot strike the Dragon during Flight Mode with any weapon. The Dragon is in the sky and is too far, but however, the Dragon can breath flames on you. So run away, if a Dragon hits any limb, weapon, or shield, you are "On Fire" and must roll on the ground for 10-20 seconds. Wounds are sustained. A flame struck to the body is death.
  1b. Flight Mode is longer than Swoop mode. Use this time and strategy to get away from the Dragon and time it right so when the Dragon enters Swoop mode, you can hit it.
   1c. Ballistic Weapons may hurt the dragon. Only on the belly, the sensitive spot, can magical arrows can give it 1 wound. It will Not kill the dragon however, unless you get it 10-30 times in that area. Spells may work. Varations of this game has ballistics/magic.
2. Swoop Mode. This mode is shorter than Flight Mode. The Dragon is holding the weapon, the Dragon Claw is up, towards everyone and the Dragon is attacking everyone with the Dragon Claw.
  2a. You can block the Dragon claw with Shields. Varation of this is that the Claw may break weapons or Not.
  2b. The Dragon's back, limbs are strong and has scales and has 20-50 hits. Only the body has 10-30 hits. Ballistics only work on the body.
  2c. RUN! The minute you are attacking the dragon in Swoop Mode and you see it change the weapon from Dragon Claw to Fireball Mace, RUN! Swoop Mode durations are short.
3. The Timing of Swoop Mode: An Example:
Dragon has 10 Hits in the Body. The Scales are 20.
As the Dragon's Body Hit's go, the Swoop time is longer. For example, a 10 Hit Dragon's Swoop mode is a paltry 10 seconds. At 9 hit's it's at 11 seconds.
   Swoop Mode Chart in Relation to Dragon's Body Hits:
Dragon's hits    (body)                                     Swoop Time       
10                                                                       10 seconds
9                                                                         11
8                                                                         12
7                                                                         13
6                                                                         14
5                                                                         15
4                                                                         20
3                                                                         22
2                                                                         24
1                                                                         26
It looks complicated but it makes sense as the dragon is weakened it stays on the ground longer during Swoop Mode. Varations of this includes also Flight Times are also shorter as the Body Hits decrease but Flight Mode is in relations to Dragon's discretion, also.
Flight Mode in Relation to Dragon's Body Hits Chart:
Dragon's Body Hits                                                          Flight Duration
First 5 htis:                                                                       30 Seconds or Longer. Can be many minutes.
remainging 3 hits:                                                              no longer than 30 seconds
the hit next to last:                                                             no longer than 20 seconds
the last hit:                                                                        no longer than 10 second
Flight Mode and Swoop Mode is just an APPROXIMATE Chart and is not Exact. It is just a "General Rule of Thumb" and the Dragon will try to act like this, but to be so approximate is too robotic- the Dragon will flunctuate a bit from this chart for more realism- Dragons are really strong- Expect the first flights during the first 5 hits to be long and scary.
 -Ballistics: Only the body during flight and swoop mode. Magical only, perhaps. Spells can work too, especially. Dragons are magical creatures and generally are only affected by magical weapons.
-Magical Weapons:  can penetrate the Scales better. For example, a Dragon with 30-50 Hit scale can be halved when hit with a Magical Weapon, giving the magical weapon a 2 W power.

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