Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tavern Fight

More than occassionally do the adventurers have bar fight in the tavern, normally over a wench, or a dispute over a game of bones, cards, etc. Sometimes a rich Merchant may offer a quest, in which many adventuring parties fight over the right to work for the merchant.

So well anyway, I have a couple of Foam Bottles. 7 right now while writing this. If you want to add more and make some that is fine.
Rules of Tavern War:
1. You are in a Tavern with other citizens and adventurers like yourself. It is unlikely there are any enemies unless they are in disguise or are in the theives guild or are cultists. Unlikely do zombies or monsters enter the tavern for a drink unless there is a raid on the town. Which happens, too.
 The point is---- You aren't fighting with Weapons because you are fighting citizens. So the soft foam bottles are used.
  a. If there are more people than the Foam Bottles provided, a dagger can be used as a substitute but is treated as a Bottle, not a dagger.
 b. Foam Bottles and other Tavern Props are different than Melee Weapons. They are less than 1 point wound strength and do even less than a Quarter of 1 point of damage.
2. The Damage are as follows:
   a. Bottles induce 4 times on the limb to render it useless but not cut off..
   b. Bottles hit 4 times on the body equals a KO.
 1. If Adventurer chooses to use a real Melee weapon (not to be confused with dagger substitute) and chooses to kill, then the adventurer is in trouble with the law and will have to face soldiers as well as the rest of the tavern uses weapons on the assaulter in defense
Purpose: Purpose of this- last remaing or certain number of remaining survivors not KO'd are chosen to play the "Good Guys" in a scenario or have favors in a scenario in contrast to the losing party.
Roleplay: Fight Drunk. Good Roleplay means acting drunk and having fun with it.

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