Monday, March 21, 2011


We've had so far now of the day of 21st in the year of our Lord of March we've had two weekends of Wraith Wars. Pretty fun.

The Wraiths Consists of One Purple Wraith and Several Red Wraiths.
The rules of the game are as follows:
1. The Purple Wraith is UNKILLABLE with normal Melee weapons.
1a. The Purple Wraith can kill you anytime if he strikes your body with his weapon.
1b. The Purple Wraith can only be killed if: You kill a Red Wraith and get a D6 Lawn Dice from the Red Wraith. Pick out a number from 1-6 and show the number with your fingers. If you roll the number correctly, you are Dead.
2. Red Wraiths come back alive after a person dies from a wrong dice roll with an Purple Wraith Encounter.
HARD: No Healer.
MODERATE: Healer only heals once
EASY: Healer heals unlimited times until killed.
3. Purple Wraith will be pretty much loitering around the battlefield and will kill anyone who comes near it.
3a. After one Red Wraith dies, it will start to seek and kill the adventurers.
3b. After two Red Wraiths has died, it will go on a berserk.
3c. It attitude calms when a Red Wraith is revived. It moods shifts based on the presence of Wraiths.
4. Stay Alive as much as you can and run from the Purple Wraith.
5. When someone has the dice, that person is in a special Dice Encounter with the Purple Wraith. No one else can interrupt. However, it is to the adventurer's advantage to run during this time away from the Purple Wraith. (NOTE: everyone has been standing still during the dice roll. Perhaps the game can move on where the Red Wraiths stand still, and the adventurers can run away, comments anyone?)


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