Thursday, June 7, 2012

why Langenheim makes a good Melee Park

 The name alone makes it awesome- "Langenheim". Most medieval villages and cities have the word
Heim" in it. It's sooo Warhammer, like MiddenHeim, City of the White Wolf.

 there are two parking spaces, one by the Castle Playground and one in the back of the park. Plenty of parking unused by people. This one is near the Elf Forest on the left with cute small trees. Notice the big trees in the background that has huge shady expanse.

 Castle Playground. How awesome!
 Big Shady Trees for factions. Notice the Elf Forest with small trees in far background.
 Big Shady Trees by the playground. Notice how huge the battlefield is.

 Huge Park, eh?
The AWESOME ELF FOREST> many small trees and many you can't see.
Pros and Cons:
1. Unhabitated, unbusy park. The battlefield is always available. The Castle Playground is the only thing used and used by little kids. Thus parking is ample and the park is big and spacious.
2. Big shady trees, a Small-treed Elf Forest for special battles, big expanse of battlefield.
3. Flat surface.. no hills, but no rocks.
4. Castle Playground.

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