Friday, May 11, 2012

Volker Von Baky, Witch-Hunter Bio

Volker Von Baky was born in Middenhiem, in the heart of the Empire. The Von Baky family is a prominent Nobelese that do nothing but attend and host masquerade balls and are social elitists, only carousing with high society. While Volker was young, he and his father went on a special voyage, of which they were attacked by Vikings. Volker, a young lad, was abducted and used by Vikings as a pit fighter- it was there that Volker acquired such strong fighting skills. He was used as a pit fighter slave, making the Vikings money on bets. One day, Volker's uncles in their years long search, chanced upon the pit fight to find the royal birthmark on Volker's butt, and brought him at a princely sum of 1 Gold Syn.
Volker, now a teenager, was home schooled by many tutors in the arts of literature, writing, poetry, baudry, song, history, horsemanship, swordsmanship, fencery, of the arts afforded by the nobelese. He attended many a royal ball with his mother and sisters, and knew the arts of high society. Soon he attended a collegia in Aldorf, and dreamed of being a musician and studied it, but he partied quite hard, drinking and taking weirdroot, a hallucinatory drug that gives you vision-like dreams, and also took stardust and went to many Elven Raves, and raved all nite and had a lot of fun with the Elven girls and many girls of the town. His friend, Altor, one time, was on a bad weirdroot trip, and was tainted with warpstone, turned into a Slaanesh Daemon and was raping the girls, and Volker, to his dismay, drew out his sword and slain his best friend in order to save the girls, and was the life of the party, and saved the lives of the girls and therefore won their hearts.
This inspired Volker to be a Witch-Hunter and he trained hard and was accepted into the ranks of the Order of the Sacred Flame, and he has a soft heart, he cannot burn the children or those tained with warpstone, and is accused of siding with Chaos when most psychotic, paranoid witch-hunters usually burn down villages to get rid of the taint of Chaos- however, he is well known for going out on the most difficult missions of hunting down cultists to intercept demon summonings and has slain many a summoned Greater Daemon, earning him many medals.